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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MARYLAND * SAMUEL CALDERON, individually and * on behalf of other similarly situated * individuals, * * Plaintiffs, * * v. * * GEICO GENERAL
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Three hey thanks for visiting my sitetoday probably interested in some autoinsurance stuff I guess I got a questionthe other day from the lady I'm in theauto repair business and owned a largebody shop in Houston and we get a lot ofcustomers from our body shop that haveinsurance problems you can relate tothat and she said what is a supplement Ihad an accident my car was taken to XYZinsurance company and they gave me aquote and a check of what it would costto repair my car I took the adjustersestimate and the check Tovar to the bodyshop to get it repaired and a body shopsaid they couldn't fix it for thatamount that it would be more money sowhatever well who's going to pay thedifference herewell don't worry it's called asupplement take your car to the bodyshop you drop your car off you give themthe the adjustment that the adjustergave you the estimate and if you gaveyou a check give the check to the bodyshop as well they'll order the partsthey'll start the process and anythingover and above the original insuranceestimate will be supplemented to theinsurance company usually they'll callthe insurance company back out to thesite look at your car determine thatmore parts are needed or more time asneeded and then the insurance companywrites another check and pays that therepair shop usually directly don't worrythere's usually no money out of yourpocket just the way the game goesand almost every car that has somepretty significant damage for five sixthousand dollars for the damage I wouldalmost expect a supplement becauseyou're only going to be able to write anestimate on the visual stuff outside thecar and you're talking about a anadjuster who comes out to a storage lotlooks at your vehicle can't getunderneath it can't take the bumper offmight not even be able to get the hoodopen there's so many behind the sceneshidden damage type things that are justnormal so don't worry about the pricedifference between what the insurancecompany originally gave you and what thefinal bill is going to be that's goingto be the auto repair shops problemthat's why you want to auto repair shopwho's going to be on your side and kindof fight for you because they need tocall your insurance companythey need to go out with your insuranceadjustor when he comes back out pointout what the additional damage is howmuch more money is needed they need todo all that for you hey while you'rehere enter your zip code check that autoinsurance price you're probably on mysite right now there's a box up there itsays enter your zip code get a quote itwill compare multiple agents within yourzip code area you'll be able to seeratings you'll be able to get multiplequotes it's all free there's noobligation let's save a bunch money hopethis helped
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